Flicka Brochures


A number of Flicka sales brochures and specification sheets have been converted to Adobe PDF files for your interest. The few Flicka Specification sheets that I have in my files are here. If you have a Flicka specification sheet that is not shown here, please send me a copy so that the blank years can be filled in.

All of the links on this page will start the download of an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. They range in size from 0.3 MB to 2.3 MB.

Flicka Brochure From Pacific Seacraft - 14 pages, 2.3 meg

Flicka Brochure from Pacific Seacraft - 8 pages, 1.5 meg

Flicka Ads

The Voyage of ALSVID

Steve Chapkis sailed his Flicka s/y ALSVID (No. 7) from San Diego to Hawaii and then to Tahiti. (292 KB)

Living the Dream of Pacific Island Cruising

John Welch logged 10,500 miles aboard s/y BETTY JANE sailing from Newport Beach to Hawaii and on two trips south to Palmyra and to Moorea, Tahiti. (283 KB)

Singlehanding to the Cook Islands

Bruce Carnahan has made two Pacific passages. One from San Francisco to Hawaii, the other to Nuku-Hiva, Penrhyn and Aiputaki aboard s/y ELEA. (283 KB)

Absolute freedom and fun

Cruising aboard s/y CORSAIR down the coast of California from San Francisco to San Diego and then continuing south into the Sea of Cortez. (303 KB)

Searching the world for the proper boat

A search for the proper bluewater sailboat started in Tokyo, Japan and ended in Santa Ana, California with the construction of s/y ORANGE BLOSSOM. (275 KB)

One Very Tough Lady

A story about the strength of the Flicka hull and an accidental grounding aboard s/y TONDELAYO. (302 KB)

Pacific Seacraft Changed Hands in 2007

Pacific Seacraft's New Owner 10/03/2007

A statement from Pacific Seacraft's new owner Steve Brodie to Pacific Seacraft owners and fans. From the Annapolis Boat Show (619 KB)