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Name Country Comment Date
Allen Wolfe USA We purchased Flicka hull #377, then named My Friend Flicka, in early 2022 in North Carolina. She now sails in Lake Michigan under her original name Traveler. She seems to enjoy fresh water! She has also been called Dee and Solar Wind. If anyone has any information about 377’s earlier life, I’d be all ears. Thanks and fair winds⚓️ 02-Jul-2024
Josiah Deor-Udros Usa Just became a co owner (with my captain and beautiful wife, Nadja Udros) of a 1972 flicka. So excited to finish this unfinished boat. Athens, Ga 2024 06-May-2024
Kirby Linck USA Just applied the first coat of barrier paint yesterday. I had the Minuet soda blasted last Fall and have been waiting for some warm and dry Annapolis, MD weather that finally arrived. Almost 90°! She’s been on the hard for almost two years while I was deployed overseas. I’m excited to get the 1GM10 going again (fingers crossed). 30-Apr-2024
Thomas Bloch USA Does anyone know the owner of the 1982 Flicka located in Colchester, VT? 15-Feb-2024
Ted B Lively USA Good morning all, I just bought a beautiful Flicka 20. Could anyone tell me what roller furler would be best for this boat? I'm also interested in putting a roller furler main on her. 23-Jan-2024
randall c robison Uni Looking for dogger used for a flicka 20 16-Jan-2024
Jeanine Jaeckel USA Hoping to get a board a Flicka 20 in or around Portland, Oregon to get a feel for the room inside. We are seriously looking at downsizing to a Flicka 20 and just want to make sure it's a good fit before investing in the time and plane tickets to see some out of state. If you have a Flicka and would be open to showing it us.....please get in touch with me! Thanks, Jeanine 29-Nov-2023
Ginger Clark USA To Jan Allen: I'm Ginger Clark the 4th owner of Hull #199 Corsair. I've had her for years. Love to talk about her. Your email doesn't show up on this but if post a query on the Flicka group we could connect.(Gus has a link to that group on this site; maybe under publications). I seem to recall that I actually tried to track you down when I first got Corsair but you'd moved. Come meet me on the Flicka group! I'd be glad for the chat and to update you on her. By the way, Owner #1, the fellow you bought Corsair from, is also on the group. Looking forward to talking with you! 03-Nov-2023
S Raj Kumar USA I plan to buy a Flicka. I'm here looking to learn more about this gorgeous stout little ship. 14-Sep-2023
Robet Carson USA Hello All, Taking stewardship of Flicka Hull #429 in a few weeks. 07-Jun-2023
Gunter Schnoor Aus I build a flika 20 out of steel with 2 Chine best small cruiser you can have did 22000 NM still going strong gunter 26-Feb-2023
Jan Allen Usa I was the second owner of Corsair Hull199 along with (the late) John Wolstenholme, we did most of the customizing! Would love to know who owns her now-please email me! Along with the Bahama trip, we also did Mexico and the Pacific Northwest. 22-Feb-2023
Carlos Gonzalez CO Excelente información, muchas gracias! 27-Dec-2022
Clarence Conrad USA Great Info Thankz 26-Dec-2022
Jonet Sudduth USA 1978 Flicka Sko Essen located in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington State, USA 06-Dec-2022
Greg Liscio USA Seeing the picture of my last boat "Ballo Liscio." Glad to see the present owner took such good care of her. Godspeed and good sailing. 16-May-2022
françis vila USA Looking to buy a Flicka 20. If anyone is interested email me at: kikoyuca@yahoo.ca 07-Mar-2022
Fletcher USA There's a Flicka in a marina in Guam, she's in terrible shape but I was told someone was living on her. I waited for an hour but the owner didn't come back to the boat so I couldn't ask any questions. Her condition broke my heart, I love Flicka's. I plan to adopt/be adopted by one one as soon as I can stop moving constantly for my job. 17-Feb-2022
pam mccomas USA Just bought a beautiful Flicka 20 in Dana Point named Dragonfly. Love the name but I think it was named something else at birth.... not sure. 15-Nov-2021
Gayle Humphrey Uni I just purchased a Flicka 20 in Portland, Oregon. The boat is currently named "Jake," but will soon be named, "HONU," for Sea Turtle in Hawaiian. Home port, San Francisco, CA. 23-Oct-2021
Christine Lockwood-Lee Can 1978 hull #16 Renamed Hummingbird II. Located Nanaimo, B.C., Canada 11-Sep-2021
Andy Nadolny usa Have purchased hull #028 (ex "Scamp") and renamed her "Haiku"! 09-Aug-2021
Thomas USA I am looking to purchase a Flicka 20 and live in Burlington, VT. If anyone knows of any close to me please email me at thomasabloch@gmail.com 09-Jul-2021
Elliot Aron USA Thanks for the work put into the site! 05-Jul-2021
Conrad USA Great site Tha;nkz!! 11-Jun-2021
Cpt Russell Oakley USA Great site. Keep it up. Lovely photography. 27-May-2021
Julie Policano USA I own Hull #415 21-Mar-2021
august baxis Uni Just bought a 1976 nor star flicka. Cant wait for the adventures ahead. 22-Feb-2021
Johan Starck SWE Nice Like to see it in Sweden ! 02-Feb-2021
MIke Miller USa I live in Florida and hope to be buying a Flicka in the near future. I am a senior citizen and hope with a rolling furling jib it will be an easy boat for me to single hand. I will have to add a Bimini and I've seen a few Flickas here that have one, so that's good news. 09-Dec-2020
Phil Harrison USA I own Banjer hull #294 14-Sep-2020
Clint Lewis USA Note the Flicka discussion group on Yahoo groups has moved to https://groups.io/g/Flicka20. If you were already with the Yahoo version, your name and comments should have made it over to the new location. Clint Lewis Nor'Star Hull 20 27-Nov-2019
Charles Collins United States I have found the reefer does not maintain cool for long. Has anyone tried lining the inside with an insulating material such as the ones developed by Nasa? 13-Sep-2019
Dick Cress USA I need a tiller for my 1988 Flicka 18-Aug-2019
Ken Beck USA Love the site! I just purchase a Flicka. The beautiful images on this site had a lot to do with my decision to buy it. Can anyone reading this give me a rough estimate of the speed of the boat when powered only by the 10 hp yanmar at full throttle. 06-Jul-2019
John Purins USA I owned Dulcinea, a 1992 Flicka, hull number 412 from 1995 to 2004. Photos & technical information: http://www.macindigo.com/dulcinea/dulcinea.html 25-Jun-2019
Charles Collins USA Recently purchased #119, and plan to move her to Marina del Rey from Mission Bay, CA. 19-Jun-2019
Chris Vassiliou United States Hi Flicka owners - s/v Wookie now has a new hard dodger with solar panels. If interested please visit my blog at: http://www.flicka20-wookie.com/restoration/flicka-20-sailboat-restoration-stage-28-wookies-dodger-solar-panels-as-of-05302019/ 05-Jun-2019
Dave Kenyon USA Proud (home-built) Flicka owner for 30+ years. Wrote some articles for Flicka Friends many moons ago. Recently re-possesed my first and last boat, QED. Currently in MDR CA. 19-Mar-2019
Peter Usa Looking for a Flicka that is in need of repairs/refit. Located in the northeast USA My son and I are looking forward to having a Flicka project 🌊⚓️🌊 E mail me with any leads , thanks 28-Jan-2019
Jeff Phillips USA I purchased hull 285 1984 Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 Listed on your flicka names listed as no name. Current location where purchased El Relleno, Rio Dulce, livingston, Izabal, Guatemala which is the local known mailing address which indicates neighborhood of El Relleno, town of Rio Dulce, municipality of Livingston, department of Izabal which is the same as a state and country of Guatemala as i have had a home there on the Rio Dulce River for over 20 years i am happy to make Rio Dulce as my homeport. I negotiated for 3 years with previous owner prior to him finally agreeing to finally sell her to me. As my offer was very low, due to repairs needed. I have since started various repairs needed and she is coming along quite well. She has not recieved a name yet but much consideration has been given, Tropic Star is a serious contender, I am a Merchant Mariner so on my off work sea schedule after needed repairs and new additions i will be sailing her through out the northwest Caribbean to Belize Keys, Bay Islands of Honduras, Mexico Mayan Riviera, and other destinations south. San Blas Islands also on future intinary as well as Cartagena. I am currently working offshore in Asia. I have had several different sailboats many of which were in the 20 to 28 foot range and i am most pleased with all the flicka 20 offers as more headroom and a very efficient layout. I was looking for a small well built offshore Bluewater cruiser and she has measured up to all requirements i was looking for. She is currently a sloop rig but she will soon be a cutter rig. She recently had full custom deck covers made so sun and rain will be shielded, which is very necessary in a rainforest region where she is located gets an average rain fall of 110 inches in 5 to 7 months of the year. And tropical sun is very intense. Rio Dulce is a known cruising grounds and a great huricane hole which is very well protected 20 miles from the Guatemala coast and river mouth where the port of Livingston is located. There is a posibilty that she may be available for rental or charter in the future while i am not using her. She is a great addition to my sailboat inventory my other is a 1984 Tartan 37 CB. I look forward to future comunication and postings of additional added inventory and sailing trips enjoyed. Where can i purchase one of those flicka caps? I saw a photo of one on the internet. It was not listed for sale. When i was a kid there was a tv program called my friend flicka so i am most happy to now have a new friend flicka 20. Reguards Fair winds Jeff 12-Aug-2018
Doug Hammond Canada Anybody what a Flicka kit. The hull foam filled professionally built unfinished. The list of hardware, portholes. Thruhaul fittings, 3 rolls of glass cloth and matting, and fillers. Only thing is missing is epoxy and skill. Did I mention clear fir and cedar. Here’s the kicker come and get it. It’s in Canada British Columbia. 16-Jun-2018
Phil Grainger Australia Love these little classic design yachts. Would love to one day ship one to Australia. 25-Dec-2017
Martin Cooper Brasil Great site 17-Oct-2017
Peter Kriv USA I found this site a month or so ago and visit nearly daily. Hope to be a contributor someday soon! Big thanks to all that contribute to the site and the Newsletter. I was initially torn between the Flicka and PS25 but the more I learn about Flicka the more I love it. I'm hoping its suitable for my wife and I to finally get into sailing after dropping our son off at college earlier this month! Cheers! Peter 26-Sep-2017
a United States Having finally acquired a Flicka, I just wanted to say 'thanks!' for keeping this website. Great resource! ...and if anyone knows the whereabouts of a Flicka trailer for sale, we're interested!! 20-Sep-2017
Rose Canda United States A dream hope to come true 01-Sep-2017
a United States Looking for a Flicka somewhere in mid-atlantic preferably. In my dreams she'd be a post 88 (?), diesel, w/built-in head and w/useable trailer. And if anyone is 'on the fence', suffice it to say she'd get a wonderful home on the Chesapeake Bay and experienced couple to take care of her ;-) If they were wanting to downsize, we have a lovely Montgomery 15 which we would consider including in trade (tho' I'll probably regret that...). Cheers, a 24-Aug-2017
Chris Vassiliou USA Truly enjoy your website. 10-Aug-2017
Buck us Does anyone know where to find those "butterfly" bronze wing nuts that came with the mid eighties Flickas with the bronze oval ports I also need the studs or "dogs" 26-Jul-2017
Ron Comyns United States Hi, I am the former owner of PSC hull no. 1. I bought the hull and deck from Pacific Seacraft and finished the boat myself. I found pictures on this site of what I think is the same boat, but with the interior changed a bit. Originally I had an enclosed head to port just aft of the vee berth, with a hanging locker opposite. The boat was rigged as a cutter with double spreaders and twin backstays on a boomkin. The idea was that any stay could fail without any danger of losing the mast. Her name at the time was "Footloose". The cockpit coatings were made of teak, as were the hatches because Pacific Seacraft hadn't changed/made the molds yet. If anyone has any questions about this boat, feel free to email me at roncom49@yahoo.com. 13-Jul-2017
Stephen Russell United States Owner of Dream Catcher a 1983PSC Flicka. Sf to Honolulu 2017. Changed home ports from Alameda to Honolulu.Love this little ship! 28-Jun-2017
Søren Ladegaard Denmark I keep coming back to this site and the Flicka newsletter. You are doing a great job! I'd love to see a Flicka 20 someday. But there aren't many for sale in Northern Europe. 08-Jun-2017
Tim West USA Have been visiting this site for year. Love it. 12-May-2017
Chris Vassiliou United States Hello fellow Flicka owners. I have been restoring a Flicka - s/v Wookie - for a year now. if interested please feel free to visit my site at www.flicka20-wookie.com 10-May-2017
"Capt. Kirk" Gresham, of ex-"Scout", now renamed, "Koan" USA I purchased "Scout", Flicka #366, Sept 2014. I've renamed her, "Koan", in honor of my wife Tomoko and all our family in northern Japan, Love her dearly. My boat and my wife that is!) cruised San Juan Islands and Gulf Islands of BC last summer. Just did second Pacific Seacraft Rendezvous, along side John Hazen, in south sound. Will head north into BC again as soon as it warms up a bit more. John's Flicka and mine, and yet another "Island Trader", (all with green hulls) are all docked within view of each other in Port Townsend's Boat Haven. I fantasize about trailering "Koan" down to Baja, where I spent years cruising by kayak in past. Thanks to everyone for keeping the website going! 05-May-2017
Pablo Massari Argentina Hello everyone, I'm definitely in love with this design. I'm only 19 years old, I hope someday I can sail my own flicka to the Argentine Patagonia where I live. Congratulations to all the owners. 04-Apr-2017
Tim Walton USA Great new look to this site! Well done to the editor. I've admired Flickas for many years and became owner of Kara Du almost 4 years ago. I've sailed for most of my 65 years, and the Flicka is everything I was hoping she would be. An amazing boat! Kara Du spends her summers on our dock on Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho. I have thoughts of taking her back to the sea for some longer journeys, but life keeps getting in the way. No matter. Kara Du has restored my passion for sailing, even if t's only on a landlocked alpine lake. She is just a beautiful design, a beautiful boat. 03-Jan-2017
Seiwoong Park South Korea better site than before. I am the one who would like to buy ficka some day after retirement 29-Dec-2016
Julie King USA Always admired Bruce B and his boats. The Flicka is my favourite! 24-Nov-2016
John Brown Nigeria Love the Flicka, great boat, great site! Thanks. 24-Nov-2016
martin Young Denmark Hi Georgr D would love some more info on your Flicka, as you may know I live in Denmark and have been trying to find a project Flicka would love some more info on yours price and photos if you can send them to me I habe the knowledge to restore her and after she will not be sold she will be mine and sailed extensivley. Please contact me if you see this mail. martin.young.nz@hotmail.dk I have a price to have her shiooed to hamborg and from there i can transport her back here to Denmark its only 3 hours  Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mike Turner U. S. A. current owner of Flicka "No Name" in Elizabeth City, NC. #154 She is currently for sale. 29-Oct-2016
Peter Kick USA Ahoy Flicka Folks...I just purchased Charlotte Marie, PCS hull 28, formerly Scamp, which she may be named again. (I like the name well enough and I appreciate the c0ntinuity in such things). I am the former owner of PCS hull 8, Jo Ellen. Based on my experiences with Jo Ellen, (which, under financial duress I sold to a fellow from Montreal) I decided to eventually look for another Flicka. I know only what I recieved by way of a brief survey of the boat and some anecdotal information about a young man who outfitted the boat to sail her to Alaska but lost her in a divorce dispute (?) when she was subsequently purchased by a guy here on the east coast and shipped to Marion Mass. Any additional information on this boat would be very much appreciated...MANY heartfelt thanks to Tom Davison for his help in making this an easier transaction for me! Scamp will be kept on her mooring at Tenants Harbor, Maine. 24-Oct-2016
George D. USA Hello I'm George and live in Augusta Ga.I purchased a Flicka 20 project on a trailer last year to restore.Havent got to it yet because I'm cruising my other sailboat.If you are looking for a Flicka project I might let it go to a good home for a fair project price.Thx and fair winds George 706-993-0456. 15-Oct-2016
Peter Canada It's too bad that i'm having a hard time finding the sweetest boat ever made,here  near Toronto Canada. On a tight budget, a growing social disease apparently(hahaha)!....anyway I'm elated that you folk's are here and hopefully i'll fdind my flicka with an enclosed head and outboard,the inboards do take up valuable stowage. But just had to say thank's so much for continuing support of the site,and have yourselve's a great one!!! 11-Sep-2016
Deb Linnell USA Hi,

I own Pearl (formerly Morgan Le Fey and briefly Flight of Years) #434 built in 1998.  It is the last Pacific Seacraft Flicka produced in California.  We sail mostly in Southern New England.
David St USA Hi, love this little boat and want one. So is Oriole, 1994, Mr Labash, RI; been sold? I think this one fits me just right. 11-Jul-2016
Cathy Coyte Kenya Great work on the new layout for the Website .  I so miss my Flicka.   Good luck to all those who have or are just discovering the joys of sailing a Flicka 12-Jun-2016
Chris Vassiliou USA Dear fellow Flicka enthusiasts, I recently purchased a 1980 Flicka (now named WOOKIE) hull #133. She is undergoing a complete restoration and most of this is being done at the Pacific Seacraft factory. Feel free to follow the progress of Wookie's restoration on my blog at www.flicka20-wookie.com.  10-Jun-2016
Martin Young Denmark Nice new web site looks great well done I like it 08-Jun-2016
Lisa James USA Letting you know about the restoration of a Flicka hull #133 in process- you can get more info at www.flicka20-wookie.com Enjoy! 17-May-2016
Joe ferreira us Just bought a flicka and have admired this boat for many years ,i;m looking to see if anyone has a copy of rigging guide from original plans 28-Apr-2016
Jenna USA I was a sailor for 40 years, then my teenagers demanded a big engine boat. We compromised with a cruiser. But my love of sailing continues and the Flicka is a heart-stealer! Love this little dreamboat! Thank you for maintaining this website. 17-Apr-2016
wayne heyerly US You can see pictures of me building the Flicka in the 1972 Rudder magazines. Bruce Bingham took the pictures. It was launched into the San Francisco bay area in 1973. Sailed all around the area and out under the golden gate bridge for several years. 17-Mar-2016
Deb Custer USA Glad to see the site active. Busy writing a book about our voyage in 2002-03 from Seattle to South Pacific. 13-Mar-2016
David USA What was the last year Flicka's were made? 21-Jan-2016
Dr. Andre Verster South Africa I just bought my dream boat a Flicka 20 hull deck and Bulkheads. Busy fitting it out for a circumnavigation, thanks for the newsletter awesome. 02-Jan-2016
martin young denmark Looking for a flick 20 Project boat I can buy in Europe if anyone wants to sell please contact me of if you know of one for sale again i would love to hear from you. I have considered buying in the US but transport home is around €7000 so it seem a little stupid to buy State Side unless i can sail home in it. Look forward to a few replys 20-Nov-2015
Joseph DiMatteo United States Considering buying a Flicka for a Pacific loop cruise. I am looking to find out how those who have done offshore cruises in Flickas have handled gear and provisioning stowage. Thanks, Joseph DiMatteo jodiaz113@gmail.com 05-Sep-2015
Ernie Vitucci Good afternoon...The old girl looks just great. Ernie Vitucci - original owner. Scottsdale, Arizona. 24-Aug-2015
David and Sherrie Allen USA "Joy" will be the name of our recently purchased 1979 Flicka. We just haven't gotten around to putting the name on her yet. Purchased in Edmonds, WA and now berthed in Oak Harbor, WA on beautiful Whidbey Island. HIN: PCS200930579 10-Aug-2015
Dave Allen USA Just purchased this PSC Flicka in Edmonds, WA. New to the fleet. 28-Jul-2015
L. USA Have Bill Garden Cutter and a friend who is determined to sail her very own FLICKA. She lives in Sequim, WA. and we are trying to contact SCOUT,s owners. This is a quite a fine website. 28-Jul-2015
John Hazen USA I've built my own steering vane. Sailed HI to Tahiti, Hi to WA. Will share info/plans. 25-Jul-2015
George Dickerson United States Hello,My name is George and i am the proud new owner of Winnie Mae.I found her in a state of neglect,but in time she will sail proud again.I hope to become a new member to the group. Thank you George Dickerson/Augusta Ga. 05-Jun-2015
Jack Port Townsend, USA Hi Tom, Just a note to let you know that ABRAXAS, hull #401, is now EL PABLO happily moored in Port Townsend. I would send update photos but don't know how to email these to you. Jack 17-May-2015
Web captain United Kingdom I will update it for you. But next time please use the web captain contact form and not the Flicka log. thanks Gus 29-Apr-2015
Louis Anon United States how do I change the location of my boat in the database? I am now in Fort Myers , Florida rather than South Bristol, Maine? 13-Apr-2015
Gary d'Entremont Canada Thanks Tom Davison for the link 18-Mar-2015
carl rosskamp us Purchased vessel 2 years ago and began resturation, much to do. Much W. Va. shade tree mechanics had worked on this vessel in the past one can only imagine. I live in Melbourne, Fl I had the luck to be in a marina with another Flicka owner on my dock also with the name Carl Roller Carl is 87 and I am 71, this should be a Flicka first. R, Carl Rosskamp PS: How do I join this group 30-Sep-2014
Steve Lee USA I have been racing sailboats most of my adult life but am interested in buying a Flicka or the Dana in the next few years to do some coastal sailing. Thanks for the great website. 02-Jul-2014
Martin Cooper Australia Pleased to encourage all Flicka owners/admirers. 25-Jun-2014
Daniel Sweeney UK Hi Guys, I am the new Owner of Caraway (bought from Gus Beare). I have inherited a lovely Boat and hope to have the same relationship that Gus had with Caraway. I will be sailing mostly single-handed, and have added some things to Caraway to make life easier for me. I Have raced and cruised for many a year and would like to join theFlicka 20 community. Good Sailing to all Daniel 19-May-2014
Román Sánchez México Hi! An article about Flicka 20 in spanish: http://www.navegar-es-preciso.com/news/flicka-20-un-pequeno-clasico-oceanico-para-solitarios-solitarias-y-parejas-sintonizadas/ best regards Román 09-Apr-2014
Fred Goldfarb USA I once had the pleasure of meeting and sailing with Bruce & Katy. Bruce said Sabrina had done 7 knots. Later that day, sailing out of Stamford, Ct, where they were for an in the water boat show, we went sailing. With 6 people aboard, and blowing like stink out in Long Island Sound, heeled well over on a close reach, the knotmeter read 6.8 knots! Bruce said it was calibrated properly, and I believed him. It was impressive for sure. 07-Mar-2014
Carl Aubele U.S. Looking, dreaming, trying to find a way to afford such a beautiful boat to appease the mrs. 24-Oct-2013
bill buol usa gaff rigged boat. We`ve owned for over 30 years 15-Oct-2013
Peter Grykien USA While exploring local marinas and boatyards on the Middle Penninsula in Virginia, I came across a really nice Flicka hull with rudder with bronze pintles and gudgeons. There is no deck, etc- just the hull in a cradle, but the hull is in really clean condition- nice gel coat- and the glass work looks to be high quality, No HIN on transom. Someone started deck framing in oak. The marina wants 1100 dollars for the hull, which I thought was reasonable. If anyone out there is interested, email me at pscorion@aol.com and I'll get the contact info out to them. 18-Sep-2013
BODI LUCAS USA I owned Cat's Paw and sold it to David Beal who renamed it Enoch B. I bought it in Jacksonville, Fl from the original owner who was 88 yrs old and the name was AFRICAN QUEEN. Of course I left the original name on. I totally re-did the boat, it was not in great shape. It was docked in Rowayton, CT. at the Rowayton Yacth Club. 24-Aug-2013
Long John USA I saw a Flicka ad in the early '80s in Sail magazine showing a young man sitting on a beach on the island of Palmyra in the South Pacific with two bare chested native beauties and his story of working hard and saving up to buy a used Flicka,hull #5 and sailing there. Does anyone know where I might get a copy of that full page Pacific Seacraft ad ? I believe many thought the ad a bit racy for a family publication & believe it was quickly pulled. Thanks 01-Jul-2013
Jonvan Ewing Alabama, USA Love these little ships and envy all the places they have been. Great site. 30-Jun-2013
Joanne Taylor USA I recently inherited my father's Flicka 20, Kermit. I'm new to all of this but so excited to get into it! 02-Jun-2013
John Hazen JR. usa IN Port Townsend, WA about to circumnavigate Vancouver Island @6/1/13. 12-May-2013
Urs Kaestli US Hi, I like to get in touch with Tim Holbrook who is the owner of Stella and wondered if he could send me some pics in exchange of some of mine. He bought my Penny Sue.....and I really miss her! Thanks, Urs 15-Apr-2013
Dennis Murphy usa Lady bug has been sold to Dennis murphy. She now sails on grand lake in Oklahoma. 14-Apr-2013
Stew Westphal USA Very informative site. I am new Flicka owner and am enjoying getting to know her here in Stuart, Florida. Thankyou for the fun of reading all these entries. 12-Feb-2013
ToxicSneakers Mexico At Ensenada then up to MDR about 03/08. May have crew slot if you are able. 11-Feb-2013
Dominic Dougherty United States Several months ago I was invited on my first sailing adventure by a Flicka20 owner. We sailed from Long Beach, CA to Catalina Island. Over five nights we circumnavigated the island, pulling in to small harbors and anchoring at night. What a pleasure! I have not been able to get this boat out of my mind, and have been constantly bugging him to take me out again and teach me all about it. Thank you for creating this site and cataloging all of this info. You have done a great service for this stout little boat. 29-Jan-2013
chris dilworth united states I just got her and am establishing her pedigree any help would be great. I have her donw to the ferro hull and will refit her in time for spring I have four sets of Bruce Bingham prints but would like to restore her to original if I can. photos of her would be invaluable. thanks hooked on pockets now!. 08-Jan-2013
Chris Dilworth united states Hello all I have just found this site and was blown away to see the Varua on your list she is now getting a complete refit and I hope by spring I will be finished if you know anyone who has information on her please e. me with it as I would like to update her provinance. thank you for this site !.Chris 02-Jan-2013
L. Fish USA Just bought my new to me Flicka and am glad to have found this web site. Signed into Yahoo group and cannot post messages. Know any tricks, thanks have some questions. Thanks Lyn 11-Dec-2012
Bradley Whitney USA Warren Lofrado Hey Warren, had a 10 GM Yanmar engine replacement. They are available at any Yanmar Dealer. My new one works great. Best wishes, Brad Whitney , S/V Salty. Flickan20. 01-Dec-2012
Bradley Whitney USA Warren Lofrado Hey Warren, had a 10 GM Yanmar engine replacement. They are available at any Yanmar Dealer. My new one works great. Best wishes, Brad Whitney , S/V Salty. Flickan20. 01-Dec-2012
jerry durham usa want to know about windlass for flicka 28-Nov-2012
William USA Serious buyer looking for a Flicka for sale. Must have built in head, prefer Yanmar auxiliary engine but will accept outboards. Prefer with trailer but will accept without one. Not looking for a project boat - looking for a survey with minor items only. Standing rigging and sails in good shape. Can reach me at: 703-983-3097 or online: wknicker@mitre.org 20-Nov-2012
Web Captain (Gus) United Kingdom Hi Glad you found the 1gm10 tips useful. This is not the ideal place for in depth discussions. It is meant for simple comments. Please join to the Yahoo Flicka 20 group using the link above. It's a much better place to get to the root of your Yanmar issue. BTW, if I was suffering loss of power you are suffering and there is black soot the first thing I would check is the exhaust elbow. Remove and inspect and replace if necessary. Make sure it is not blocked. If that's not it then it's got to be fuel flow. Probably the pump. Do you have a secondary fuel pump? The Yanmar one is not powerful enough to draw fuel if your tank is no close by. Flickas have a secondary pump because the tanks are usually in the bow. HTH Gus 29-Oct-2012
Bruce United States This is a return visit...still in love w/Flicka, still reliving the dream of s/v Flight of Years (Pearl)...still hoping to skipper my own Fldicka in the future. Thanks for your website, it keeps my dreams alive. 26-Oct-2012
Boyet Philippines Upon checking the net , I read this article which characterized the problem that i have.. and the red captions are my answers. Yes it will, but what makes you think that's the issue? Loss of power is characterized by lower revs at full throttle and is most commonly caused by: 1.) a dirty bottom - CHECKED ALREADY 2.) barnacles on propeller and shaft - CHECKED ALREADY 3.) air in the fuel system - done 4.) clogged fuel filters- done and cleaned 5.) old diesel fuel (new low sulfur fuel needs a stabilizer additive) I TOTALLY REPLACED THE OLD DIESEL AND PUT THE LATEST DIESEL FUEL BY SHELL CALLED SHELL DIESEL NITRO, HOPING ITS A BETTER FUEL THAN THE STANDARD AUTO DIESEL FUEL. MAY I GET YOUR OPINION ON THIS 6.) lastly, dirty injector - will check May I have your input .... 05-Sep-2012
Boyet Philippines Hello Al, Yes , Beneteau First 27.7 is equipped with a 1GM10 engine. I also replaced the props to Flexfold feathering props and increase the speed to at least 1.5 knots and less susceptible to fouling because of a better material. I would like to thank you for posting such a very useful information about 1GM10 which became my valued reference with regards to important things in maintaining the engine. It provided me the much needed information like where is the zinc anode is located amongst other things. Actually, I have not used the boat since May because of busy schedule. Then with the onset of monsoon which is no longer a good season to sail. With that, the diesel fuel became stale and had algae growth, more that what I expected in just 4 months of not being used. At first, the engine doesnt start anymore, so we replaced the diesel and cleaned the tank thoroughly including the fuel lines. In fact, I put a Shell Nitro diesel with a better cetane composition. Still then, we cannot have the engine run smoothly after ALL the much bleeding and after totally burning whatever stale fuel still in the system. Then after 5 hours of continously bleeding, it ran continously but emitting carbon soot emenating from prolong storage. But if we increase the rpm, the engine fails. The next day, it wouldnt want to start again, so we went bleeding the whole fuel line and we had it going. We opted to test run it but what we found out, the max speed it can go on a calm sea was only barely 2 knots and increasing to 3 knots when we continues bleeding the line. Good thing there is no misfiring or bang noise in the exhaust system but i am totally unhappy. After all the prognosis, my mechanic's suspects that the fuel lift pump might be defective as the only reason that it cannot pump out much fuel needed when rev up. Somewhere along the way, we put it in neutral position and then slowly applying the revolution but the engine stops. We restart and slowly apply rev again and the power was only to 1.9 knots. If we bleed the engine, it goes up again to 2.5 knots. I already ordered lift pump from Keypart Ltd. including a spare for thermostat. The impeller was replaced including the gasket. I also ordered Permatex to relign the gaskets again with this compound (zinc anode, water pump cover and thermostat cover). We discounted the defect in the head engine as otherwise, the engine would have stopped along the way when we test drive it for more than an hour. I would greatly appreciate your inputs on this matter. Kind regards, 05-Sep-2012
Mike Miros Usa New owner. Ready to step mast. Does anyone have suggestions on tuning. Mast rake eft. 09-Jul-2012
Charles Gitchell Jr. USA Subject: Boat: Daphne http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=21e0fp48tqk Live a Boards sweet life 27-May-2012
Randy USA Just wanted to say thanks for the info pointing to Nanni N2.10. My 1GM died and re-engine was the best solution. Found your page while searching for 1GM replacement. I reciently installed the N2.10; fits as well as the 1GM and so far, less than 3 weeks, the 10 hours put on the engine are well worth the effort. Thanks again 22-Apr-2012
John Silver USA Aloha from Hawaii.I' the proud owner of " Windshift", a 1978 Flicka hull #55. I've owned her since 1986 and sailed Lake Tahoe for many enjoyable years. I now reside in Hawaii on the Big Island but my boat is still in Nevada on her trailer. I plan on shipping her over here soon. I'm chicken to sail it here but know it can be easily done as the previous owner did it with his son in 1983. If you look in an old (1980's) Pacific Seacraft sales brochure for the Flicka you'll see her in it with a small note of her Pacific passage and a photo of her heeled over in the Sea of Cortez. Pacific Seacraft vessels are the "Harley-Davidsons" of sail boats.The only money I ever spent on it was I replaced my old Honda outboard with a newer one. Aloha, John Silver 10-Apr-2012
Jason D. USA Thanks for a site with good information. 19-Feb-2012
Gus UK Yes Sam, if only people would read the instructions above! 11-Nov-2011
Sam Yoshimura USA This is in response to Warren Laffredo's messages - Hi Warren, There is one Flicka in Japan (Hull #349, so her cockpit hatch is a little different from those of pre-late-1983 model Flickas) has 2YM installed in June 2010. I don't know if your Flicka has an older type hatch - built in 1983, she is on the border line... I think that PSC has changed the deck mold to the newer type one in late 1983. *** Btw, the US Yahoo! Flicka Group (it is also this site's forum) is a much better place to post questions on Flickas. Joining the forum/mailgroup is easy. Visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Flicka20/ -sam #295 Serenity 09-Nov-2011
Dr. David Ashdowne Australia I delight in reading this collumn and check it out often great reading?? 27-Oct-2011
warren Laffredo USA Hello, I have to repower my 1983 Flicka with a 1GM and there is no new 10GM available. Has anyone used Kubota Beta 14 ? The Yannmar 2Ym15 is the replacement for the 10GM but I don't know if it will fit without touching the hatch. Please respond if you know anyone who has used either engine. Thank you. Warren 04-Oct-2011
warren Laffredo usa I'm trying to findout if a yanar 2ym15 will fit in a 1983 Flika. My GM1 just fit under the hatch and the specs for the height seem to be a wee bit taller! 04-Oct-2011
Robert Hall USA Hello I'm trying to find out more info about the Flicka. I came across a Flicka that a boat yard has. The owner said it partially sunk during a storm last winter they pulled it up and it has been in his yard for several months. I inquired about it because I was looking for a sailboat for my youth sailing program and he said he would give it awy for free. What thoughts out there regarding getting new parts or revieving this Flicka. Not sure of the damage but it seems like just cosmetic Rob PS does anyone have info on available parts or sails. 707-803-0798 18-Jul-2011
dennis ashdown australia I have a boomerang 20 very similiar to flicka 20 and have cruised many miles very safely. Have even circled tasmania in atrocius weather and cold. She handled it very 11-Jul-2011
David J. Matos Puerto Rico I'm in the process of buying an used Flicka.This is the boat of my dream boat. I'm woundering if there are Flicka owners in P.R. 04-Jun-2011
Pasquale MARTINELLI italy many tks for all informations about Flicka sailboat. a boat that did not know and I really like. I will make a page for my personal site to let people know this great little boat. Congratulations. Pasquale. www.velaemare.com/ 24-May-2011
Marvin Creamer USA Can anyone give me me the name of an insurance company that will insure my Flicka for offshore sailing? email: Please email me at: rn1200@gmail.com 20-Apr-2011
Donn Michael Schmidtman U.S.A. So happy to see "Corsair" is still alive and well. My name is Michael Schimdtman and was the original owner, taking delivery Valentine's Day, 1982. I see the current owner listed as Ginger in Redondo Beach. If anyone knows Ginger, please have her contact me at the following e-mail address: michael_schmidtman@att.net I have some interesting information for her about her boat. REALLY excited to hear from her and compare notes! Thanks Flicka owners for any help!! 14-Apr-2011
Daniel Jones USA We do not presently own a sailboat. We have had three over the years. We are looking for a Flicka, outboart on a trailer. Full head. 08-Apr-2011
david midkiff usa I'm looking for original parts. Any ideas? Aloha, David 808 277-0658 19-Jan-2011
Dick Sargent USA After shopping several 'tricked out' great little Flicxkas, I remembered the work demands of many systems, so opted for minimum package. Recently purchased Lil' Toot for single-handing passages Scaled down from 25 yr. ownership of Pearson Countess 44. Interested in installing John Hazen's wind vane steering; Summer 1997 Vol. 3 #1, article. Wish to get more info. Hope the Flicka assn. still active. 26-Dec-2010
Michael Lavallee usa Hi, I've have just recently started sailing again.I'm taking lessons here in R.I.I'm really interested in purchasing a boat that I can handle and have some nicetrips with along with my experence.I think this would be a very good boat for someone such as myself.What are your ideas.thank you so much,ML 19-Oct-2010
Robert Ralph USA I am a past owner of hull #79 and I enjoyed reading the article about her in the 2003 issue of your newsletter, which I found archived on your site. It brought back a lot of fond and also bittersweet memories. I have owned a lot of boats over the years (too many I admit) but none have been so aptly named as "Baby Grand". The inspiration for the name came from the Billy Joel/Ray Charles duet that was getting radio airplay back in 1987 when we purchased the boat down in Texas and hauled her back to Kansas City. With her black hull and size the name seemed a perfect fit. We sailed her on Lake Perry in Kansas and enjoyed her emensely. A job transfer to Detroit and the financial strain of moving, buying a house, etc. necessitated letting her go so we sold her to my parents who kept her on Smithville Reservoir in MO. My parents sold Baby Grand to the owner profiled in the newsletter article in 1994 so they could refit an old Valiant 32 for cruising. Flickas are great boats and a personal favorite of mine. I enjoy your site and have bookmarked it for the future. Keep up the good work and thanks for the memories! 10-Aug-2010
Lonnie Zimmers Portland, Oregon USA She is a gaff rig Flicka l bought in Coco Beach Florida put on a trailer and hauled her to Portland, she is sitting in the Columbia River and she is a ball to sail 27-Jul-2010
Sam Yoshimura USA Angus, The new Flicka Passages page looks great. It's so much fun to look at the pictures filling up the page after page. Thank you for building it. -sam 09-Jul-2010
Lynne & Rich Oakley USA We were the original owners of Hull #246, Papillon. We sold her in 1985(+/-) to a gentleman in Connecticut. It's interesting that Bruce Bingham is now here in Florida not too far from where we reside in Punta Gorda. We'd be happy to hear from her current owner(s). 26-Jun-2010
Tony Fountain Australia A great site for a great vessel! Anyone heading "down under" anytime and looking for sailing information on the Great Barrier Reef or what to see in Oz (outside of the cities - the REAL Australia), just email me. 14-Jun-2010
William Strange USA Just sold my Mariah and now have something more manageable for a 72 year old. 16-May-2010
Tom D USA Do you have this link? http://erikaheymann.com/nomad/about.html 12-May-2010
Brad Stillman USA The owner has offered her for sale. Very pretty boat, but she is in very rough shape, and I need more information. The hull number is 154; no head; newer engine; and I am told she was manufactured in 1978. Is there information available from owners of Flicka's of about the same vintage: common problems, sources for replacement parts, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 11-May-2010
billy delaney America I visit this site every few months. I usually do this to lift my spirits. I love this boat. Always surprised how many are for sale and at prices that just beg you to buy. Oh well, my time will come Billy Delaney 16-Apr-2010
Frank Dare U.S.A. We don't have a Flicka...yet. Our primary boat is a classic 16 foot runabout built by the no longer existing NW Grandy Company in 1953. I've been looking for a boat that is within a decent budget and within my single handling capacity for over two years. I've fairly recently come upon the Flicka site and am thoroughly impressed with what seems to be the best boat built for the likes of me. Small enough for easy handling, yet with room for a good trip off shore or to Alaska in the roughest weather. I'm very favorably impressed with what I've read and seen. 30-Jan-2010
Pat Noonan Would like to downsize and go cruising when I retire in a year. Have my boat for sale but would like to trade for a Flicka. 17-Jan-2010
dan south africa Just love the look of the Flicka.Couple of them here in Cape Town.some planning Southern ocean trips.Must get one me thinks 09-Nov-2009
Mark San Carlos,Mexico Great site hope I can find a Flicka to purchase. 30-Oct-2009
Barney Fedele VA USA Love these boats, had an Albin Vega yrs ago. Looking for a 80's Flicka after I sell my house. Outboard 28-Oct-2009
george f. geres us great site. . .as a former owner of a Dana, i know that you understand my interest. hove hopes of relocating near oriental n.c. - - -who knows ? - - may still get back on the water. thanks again for a pleasant visit 23-Oct-2009
Angel U.S. I just admire the Flickas beauty. Maybe some day my wife and I will own one . 14-Oct-2009
Bert Felton USA I have a Yanmar 1GM and have not had any of the problems mentioned in the engine section. My engine has basically run flawlessly. I do run fresh water through it when I am back in my slip. Perhaps sitting with fresh water in it prevents some of the problems mentioned. But the 1GM10 is no longer being brought into the U.S. as of Jan 1, 2009. It doesn't meet the smog requirements. 01-Sep-2009
Mark Serbian US I'm in a place in my life where I want to do some of the things "I put off" until "later". I've loved the Flicka since I first laid eyes on her and have decided that she's what I need to do the things I want. This site is a wonderful resource (and, as far as I can tell, the only such) and gives me the inspiration I need. Thank you so much! - Mark 09-Aug-2009
Roy at CKD Boats South Africa We now have the plans to the Flicka 20 hull shapes,we can offer the boat as a CNC cut kit,this will be a set of bulkhead profiles and the cove strips and epoxies required to build the hull,decks are a possibility too. Roy 24-Jul-2009
Bradley Whitney USA Hi! I am age 80 and am still singlehanding out of Marblehead, MA on Salem Harbor. I am lame and have rigged Salty so I do not have to go on deck. Cutter rig with roller furling on both head sails. Folding step p/s on cabin sides. I pick up the mooring from the cockpit and hook on an outside line that runs over the bow roller and back to the stantion at the cockpit. Installed a thru hull head at V-berth with ball valves on in hose and out hose at head from and to seacocks 18 gallon h-tank. windvane & tiller master. 3 single line reefs in main. starboard ceiling grab tail. Radar, loranC & gps. 24-Jun-2009
Bob W Well damn it thanks to a friend telling me about this boat now I'm sold. Now to find one. The journey begins. Had a West Wight Potter 15 that I had more fun on than I can describe. 20-Jun-2009
LE MEE Dear Sir, Could you provide me information on the Flicka 20: price, buying site in Europe a.s.o. Thank you. Best regards 14-Jun-2009
billy delaney USA Ohio Admired the flicka since 1985. Lived in Ireland then back to USA. Intend to own a flicka as I approach the retirment era. I'm 53. Enjoy the makeover on the site. Angus I just really enjoy the pictures of you beautiful vessel. I checked out the 'for sales' man I wish. Billy 13-Jun-2009
Dan Waldhoff Japan This boat captured me from the first reading the story of "Sabrina" oh, so long ago, in the late 70s - early 80's. Such a perfect home. Land locked and dream dead, I still live as though she were the vessel in which I ply my future. I live in concrete and probably always will but Flicka is the model - simple and pure. I admire those of you who can, have and do. As I approach the time when reflection supersedes action I can honestly say I have one more regret. I should have - life is an adventure and I would have been a better man for having done this. I am very pleased to have come across this site, thank you for making a dream not come true a reality to share. 27-May-2009
mike brunk usa my dream was to sail a flicka after reading the first adds in cruising world. in 2007 i sailed honu(now celtic turtle) with owner randy from marathon, fl. keys to guatemala. took us 8.5 days and we averaged 3.5 kts. she was a lady in good and bad weather. she turned heads and was admired where ever we went. she is a classic and if you want a BIG little boat she is the best. 20-May-2009
Jeremy & Jaime Phelps USA We just bought our long anticipated Flicka 20. Thanks to your site! 29-Apr-2009
henry bugay usa looking for flicka. with me, less equipment, no alterations, original factory boat is what i prefer. live in miami area. let me know if you have one close by. 29-Apr-2009
Ken Potter Canada As a former blue water yacht and tall ship sailor I've always been impressed with the flicka. Currently looking towards retirement in 10 years and a Flicka!!! 25-Apr-2009
Dave Rolfe UK A Flicka 20 looks a superb boat for her size. One to consider when changing boat next time to something smaller. Getting it home may take a while though. 21-Apr-2009
Andre Balt South Africa Thanks Angus for this BEAUTIFULL web-site. I have my Flicka since 1988, launched in 1992. Built with GRP, teak deck, Oregon Pine mast etc.Beatifull interior!! She is at RCYC (Royal Cape Yacht Club) in Cape Town South Africa. I am getting a Yanmar 2YM 15hp with KMP -1G1- Gearbox from Japan. I have an Arona inboard. Will that Yanmar fit? Any suggestions for me will be appreciated. She was built by a Norwegian here in South Africa, Rob Knudsen, now in South Sea Islands. She was for sale, but now I think (with new inboard), I will most likely keep her for ever! Best regards, Andre Balt 08-Apr-2009
conrad USA South Carolina I saw some folks were replacing ports on a 78. I could use the old style black ports for 78 roughly 63/4 high and 123/4 wide. If anyone has any of the old ports this size I could use them. The dogs on the bottom of mine are broken Thank YOU Conrad 843 651-4690 843 997-8888 syzygyy66@yahoo.com 02-Apr-2009
bill buol oregon have had the boat for 28 yrs. 06-Mar-2009
Hal DeVaney Texas As moderator of the Flicka20 Yahoo list I want to thank you, Angus, for dedicating your time and effort on this project. It really looks impressive and I look forward to contributing any way I can. I took the time to add a blog entry and hope that others will sign up and contribute to this enterprise. Hal s/v Kittiwake Galveston, Texas 10-Feb-2009
Michael Hawkins USA Wow! What an awesome lady she seems to be in the photographs. I sure would love to see one in the flesh. I am in the market for a trailerable sailboat and was told by an old salt about the wonderful flicka 20. 27-Jan-2009
Carlos Mora USA Huge fan of the little yacht and will get one in the future. Look out for me when I add her to the Flickabase. 15-Jan-2009
Madeleine USA Hoping to purchase a Flicka in the near future. 12-Jan-2009
Richard Hicks USA Love the new site. 05-Jan-2009
Bill Ronstadt USA This new site is beautifully laid out and surely a source of pride to its designer. Thanks so much for applying your talents in this way for all the "Flicka fans" out here. I'm bookmarking it for lots of return visits. We live in Tucson, AZ and sail the Gulf of CA. My wife Liz and I purchased a '76 Nor'star Flicka from a private party here in '90. The for-sale sign read, $25 thousand. It took $10 thousand plus our well loved '77 Cape Dory Typhoon in trade to bring it home. I was told, the original owner, a science teacher in Seattle, had purchased the Flicka as an empty hull and cabin with aluminum spars. When we got it, the rest, including interior bulkheads, cabinets, exterior trim, rigging, etc., had been partially completed by its original and second owners. She had just come back from several months on Lake Roosevelt, even more time in the Gulf, and I suspect wasn't in the greatest condition before the trips began. Being stuck here in the desert, I've had plenty of fun over the years retrofitting and adding refinements. In their July/August, '06 edition, the kind folks at "Good Old Boat" published a short article I submitted entitled "Downsized Outboard". In it I explained that hoisting nearly a hundred pounds of 8 hp, ex-long shaft Honda up to and down from the transom just so Liz could do further damage to her compromised spine was not my idea of fun. It was the only engine available at the time with a 25" long shaft, but what I felt was needed to keep the prop submerged in the chop. In all fairness, The big Honda was very reliable and strong, however it did put the boat out of trim. Most readers here will know that in a sea-way, Flicka's hobby horse enough as it is without my having worsened the problem by ballasting the nose. It all finally got to me. We shifted to a Honda BF 2, added solar panels, and have concentrated on become better sailors. These days, the boat wears either the little Honda, a Seagull Silver Century or an older Seagull 102 depending on which one we've missed the most. Her trim is just right. Today I'm sending a few photos of my installation of an Airhead composting toilet to one of its designer's clients. A good day. I get to exchange of ideas with a fellow sailor. Like other sailboat owners just silly in love with their craft, I have plenty of snaps from our adventures, a few of which document the boat's evolution. Only a few are computer ready, though. Pooh! Anticipating lots of fun cruising around this new site, seeing and reading about these objects of your/our affection. Respectfully, BR 05-Jan-2009
Reg Hinnant USA Hi Angus, The new site looks great! I know it's a lot of work but everyone really appreciates it Cheers, Reg 05-Jan-2009
Web Captain UK & France Thanks everyone for your kind comments. There's a long way to go with this site but it's nice to go live and start getting some feedback at last. In the coming months I hope to get you all involved a little more when I open up the site for public registration. happy Christmas and good luck for the new year. web captain 24-Dec-2008
Tom Foster United States of America Windfiddler resides and sails on Seneca Lake in Upstate New York. Heartiest congrats to Gus for creating a greata new site to share Flicka stories 21-Dec-2008
Thomas A. Hendrick California, United States of America In the coming year (2009) may we all find countless hours of peace sailing our Flicka's. Fair Winds and Following Seas to all! 19-Dec-2008
Ken Weaver USA One of the Best Owner's Group Web sites. Ken Weaver Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA s/v OCEAN GYPSY 1980 PSC # 136 Sloop Rig, Open Interior, O/B Powered 19-Dec-2008
Ellen Dawson USA We have just purchased our Flicka and are looking forward to Spring! The new website is beautiful as well as sensible. Thank you! 19-Dec-2008
Jean-Claude GUILLOT New-Caledonia Living aboard my small and ordinary mass production boat I am considering to move to a far better and seaworthy, yet smaller boat : the Flicka. Your web pages are informative and excellent. You deserve congratulations for the task already done, I will monitor them often as well as yahoo's Flicka20 group. Regards, jcjglt. 18-Nov-2008
Sam Yoshimura USA Oops, Bob is right. The Coast Guard builder abbreviation for Pacific Seacraft is PCS, not PSC. Serenity's hull ID is PCS202950784. ^^;; 23-May-2008
Sam Yoshimura USA Hi Angus, This new site is like a cool breeze in summer. I see it gets better and better. Thanks for your hard work to give us a place to visit and get together. Cheers, Sam 23-May-2008
Daryl Clark USA Angus, We are fortunate to have such a gifted FLICKA FRIEND taking on the management of the web site. Looking forward to the life you will breathe into the Flicka web site. Tres bien! Merci! Daryl 07-May-2008
Bob Zimmer USA Angus, Impressive start on equally impressive goals - Looks Great 05-May-2008
Ken Davidson USA Great looking start, can't wait to see the finished product as it comes to life. Thanks Angus!! 04-May-2008