About The Flicka 20 Sailboat

Bruce P Bingham Designer of the Flicka 20

"Whether the Flicka has reached over 300 because she's a beautiful and distinctive boat or because she's built to take the sea is impossible to determine.

Regardless, the Flicka's popularity is a tremendous source of pride for me, not to mention the justice done to her design by Pacific Seacraft.

The many many miles that I sailed in Sabrina were exciting, fulfilling, confident, enjoyable and comfortable ones. She did everything ever asked of her and did it extremely well bespeaking both the success of the Flicka design, the wisdom crafted into it's turn-of-the-century ancestors and the diligence of those in the plant which translates the Flicka into a 20th century reality. The Flicka is still my dream and my most rewarding achievement and experience."

~ Bruce P. Bingham
Bruce P Bingham Designer of the Flicka 20