Details for Flicka Snookums

Hull Number 148

Pacific Seacraft
Oahu, HI
Engine Type
Enclosed Head?
Not Known
Hull Material
Also known as
Not known
More Info

 Changed hands in 2009 after Coby had sailed her to Hawaii.


"Am departing Portland Oregon on June 6, 2009, bound across the Pacific via Hawaii, Samoa, and New Zealand. Singlehanding." Coby

- After leaving Oregon coast on June 11, he has safely arrived in Hawaii on July 11. -

"I have chosen to bring my voyage to a close in Hawaii. It feels complete. The thing that I knew that I would regret on my death bed not having done, feels done. I feel free now to choose what I want to do, rather than the need to do what is necessary for the growth of my soul. I choose to return to my beloved Katja, and to see what life next brings us. Perhaps we will cruise the south seas together someday. Or not. My heart is full. My soul is at peace. " Coby - July 15, 2009.   (Amid the Pacific Ocean, Albatross on Snookums' stern pullpit rail.)   (Coby arrives at Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii.) 



Snookums @ Portland, Oregon   Soon going down the river to cross the Pacific to New Zealand, singlehandedly. Have you noticed the massive windlass? The man and his boat. Brand New Aspin. Versatile Twin Jib set up.