Details for Flicka Pinocchio

Hull Number

Arc Yachts, Durban, Repubic of South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
Engine Type
Arona 12hp diesel - looking for replacement
Enclosed Head?
Enclosed toilet and shower. Beautifull wood finishes, lead glass inlayed doors above anchor chain.
Hull Material
Also known as
Sloop with Harken Roller Furling job. Mast and boom both Oregon Pine
More Info

I have just bought a Flicka 20 , Pinnochio , wich was built in 89 by Ark Yachts ,in Durban ,South Africa .She is actually on a trailer at a marina on the Vaal Dam , 100 km south of Johannesburg The previous owner was Andre Balt , Pilot for the UN and who was infortunatly killed by Rebels forces in DRC 3 years ago .I managed to buy her from the estate I just took her out of the water , as during these 3 years she was poorly maintain and start to take water on board and deck and rails started to roted ( oregon pine and teak deck ) I was retrenched from my Job in December last year and consequently i don't have a lot of money to channel to the project to restore her in her former beauty,but still want to do it in memory to my friend I will highly appeciate any help and advises from Flicka owners to help to drive this project to a succesfull end . Thanks to post this Email on Flicka20 blogger site as i don't know how to do it , my computer skills beeing very limited !! Thanks in advance for any help or input . Bon vent et mer calme

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