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Tom Davison

Flicka Ben Main on her road trailer - Tom Davison

BEN MAIN, Jr. (Pacific Seacraft Flicka # 315) on a new Triad Custom Sailboat Trailer in Detour, Michigan. This was at the end of three weeks of sailing on Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Stops included Beaver Island, Mackinaw City, Hessel, Harbor Island, and Drummond Island. It took five days of sailing to reach Detour and only five hours to trailer the Flicka back home.

Photo: Tom Davison © 2006

One of the advantages of Flicka ownership is that the sailboat is small enough to trailer. This allows you to consider sailing in various cruising grounds from coast to coast or from season to season.

A trailer also allows you to store your Flicka at or close to home, making off-season maintenance easier to accomplish.

Several companies that have built Flicka Trailers are listed below. If your particular boat trailer isn't listed, please let me know so that it can be added to the list.

Triad Trailers

Triad has built a number of Flicka trailers and is known for their quality product. They are located in Massachusetts and have been building custom boat trailers for thirty years.

Triad Trailers LLC.
90 Danbury Road
New Milford, CT 06776
Phone: 860-354-1146 Fax: 860-350-2550
Email: triadtrls@aol.com

Trail-Rite Trailers

Trail-Rite Trailers has built Flicka trailers for years. Located in California, they are the closest trailer manufacturer to the old Pacific Seacraft Factory. They will refer you to Pacific Seacraft for a trailer purchase as they do not sell direct.

Trail-Rite Trailers
3100 West Central Avenue
Santa Ana, CA.
Phone: (714) 556-4540 Fax (714) 556-5718

Flicka Ben Main on her road trailer, bow view - Tom Davison

BEN MAIN, Jr. (Pacific Seacraft Flicka # 315) on a new Triad Custom Sailboat Trailer on the Mackinac Bridge. Two weeks earlier, we sailed under this bridge, crossing from Lake Michigan into Lake Huron. The Triad Trailer towed perfectly, including over some less than perfect roads in a construction area.

Photo: Tom Davison © 2006

Flicka Ben Main now sailing - Tom Davison
Flicka Ben Main on her road trailer, rear view - Tom Davison

Flicka Cat's Paw being lifted onto her trailer' - Tom Davison

Recently refurbished, rigged and renamed, CAT'S PAW (Pacific Seacraft Flicka # 326) is loaded on a new Triad Custom Sailboat Trailer.

Photo: Jack Cheasty © 2006