Flicka Companionway Box

This is a series of pictures showing a teak box my friend Benjy and I built for Caraway. The original steps are very good quality and solid teak. However, they do not make good use of the space in that area. We decided to replace them with a lidded box for additional storage.

The box is made of teak faced ply joined with solid teak corners. It has solid teak lids and a louvred teak door. The box can be removed in one piece for engine access. One of the main uses was for a bin. There is no provided bin on the Flicka and this becomes a nuisance when cruising. The box provides enough room for a vented bin and storage for lots of other gear as well as a purpose built place for ceramic mugs and the coffee pot.

Flicka companionway box
Flicka companionway box with opening louvred door
Flicka companionway box hinges detail
Flicka companionway box
Flicka companionway box trim being glued on
Flicka companionway box dry fit test before oiling